ElekTex® is a unique electro-conductive fabric touch pad optimised for the creation of flexible, durable and rugged fabric touch screen interfaces.

ElekTex replaces the need for hard touch pads and flexi-circuits. The technology can be used in applications ranging from wearable electronic controls for consumer electronics, industrial wear and toys to lightweight, low-power touch interfaces for consumer electronics accessories, telematics, military, transportation and space suits.

The Eleksen sensor product is incredibly durable, having been tested in over one million operations. It has also undergone very stringent automobile standard testing (including puncture testing). Because of its construction it is not easily damaged during the assembly process, unlike many other electro-mechanical alternatives. All interconnectivity is made with fabric conductive ribbons eliminating the need for wires. The original owner of this technology, Eleksen Limited, has licensed the technology to companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Orange, Philips, Logitech and more.

The Company

ElekTex is a brand of Wearable Technologies Ltd (WTL). Our business is focused on building the wearable technologies of the future. And we make real products in volume and are selling them around the world through our distribution – gaining valuable practical know-how that then assists our partners develop real products themselves, or integrate our products into their organisations. In developing our own products, we have created four key requirements:

  • The embedment “smart” functionality into a garment must deliver real utility to the wearer – it cannot be a gimmick
  • The product must be reliable and washable
  • The product must be designed to be capable of mass production at low cost in the Far East
  • The product must be price competitive with alternatives currently on the market

Much of our technology and know-how is being road-tested in mass-market products designed, manufactured and distributed around the word via our Visijax clothing brand –

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